Granite Tiles Ottawa – The Versatile Stone for Your Home

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Regardless of whether you are creating a new dwelling or renovating an existing space, granite tiles can provide all the luxury and refinement you need to make your Ottawa house feel like a home. While many people are familiar with granite countertops and walkways, it is also widely used in tile form for walls and flooring and can prove especially beneficial when utilized in rooms such as the kitchen or the bathroom.
What Sets Granite Apart from More Traditional Materials?
Granite is an ideal solution for the floor or walls because of its natural beauty, affordability, and durability. Traditional linoleum tiles which are often seen in these areas are not designed to withstand a lifetime of bearing weight and retaining moisture, and will often crack or peel over the years. Granite is one of the least porous stones in the world which prevents water damage from ever penetrating it and as a natural stone it will of course not be susceptible to the bending and shifting that other materials experience. It makes cleaning a breeze whether on the floor or in the shower since there will be no miniature cracks for dirt to hide in, which creates a far more hygienic environment for your family.
Use in the Bathroom – Water rarely stays in the tub or within the scope of the shower curtain, try as we might. It is often dispersed around the room in the form of droplets or old fashioned steam and can cause significant damage if it can find its way under linoleum tiles or into the air pockets that often occur even in finished wood. By using granite tiles this concern is eliminated and the home remains protected. This is especially important as certain creams and washes used in the bathroom can contain harsh chemicals which could cause damage to less study materials.
Use in the Kitchen – Granite tiles installed in the kitchen really get their chance to shine. When finished with a glossy sealant the natural crystals in the stone sparkle and shine, making it appear almost as if you are walking on little diamonds, and greatly improves the beauty and elegance of the room. As the stone is remarkably sturdy, most accidental drops of pots and pans will not phase it and unlike traditional tiles, the heat from direct sunlight will not cause it to bubble and raise over time. As with the bathroom, cleanup becomes a breeze with practically all dirt being eliminated with water and a simple cleanser.
A Stylish Solution Regardless of DécorNot only does granite add value and class to a room, but it can also be matched to virtually any colour scheme desired. While many people are familiar with this stone coming in shades of off-white and grey, granite in fact comes in many different colours including blues, pinks, and browns. The intricate patterns that naturally occur ensure no two pieces are ever identical giving you a beautiful, sturdy, and original product for practically the same price as other lesser quality materials with the added bonus of its incredible longevity.
Have your floors or walls custom fit with granite tiles today and make a wise investment that will still be appreciated decades from now and enjoyed for the life of your home.